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Industrial Origami Inc. Solar Racking Knowledge Center
Sample Application: Furniture

Design and Manufacturing Innovation

A key challenge for any company is to differentiate itself in the larger market. Industrial Origami Patented Technology allows customers to use lighter gauge material folded into complex, innovative, high load-bearing structures, formed with simple, low cost fixtures, at the point of assembly. With software technology and professional services from Industrial Origami and its network of Strategic Partners, any company may use existing facilities, capital equipment and design teams to increase its competitive advantage.

Industrial Origami Technology enables metal forming innovation analogous to what is accomplished today with perforated cardboard packaging: highly accurate, complex shapes, easily folded with low force. Unlike perforated cardboard, Industrial Origami Technology allows the formation of stronger, higher fatigue resistance, load bearing assemblies significantly reducing welding and fastening.

Industrial Origami specific market solutions enable the design and assembly of higher performance, lower-cost products using a variety of sheet materials, empowering product innovation and cost controls impossible with traditional manufacturing methods

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