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Product and Process Innovation

Manufacturers can gain significant competitive advantage by:

Creating innovative shapes from a single sheet of metal
Integrating multiple parts into one part, reducing part count by 50%-75%
Designing structures with equal or better load-bearing capability using thinner metal and reducing material usage by 20%-50%
Easily forming sheet metal and material types not possible previously, such as hardened alloys
Eliminating labor intensive joining and fastening operations up to 25-40%
Launching more products, frequently, with capital tooling and equipment reduction of 30%-50%
Enter new markets with a fraction of previous capital investment
Improve the supply chain and process flow by forming product closest to the point of use or purchase point
Bring new innovative products to market in up to half the time it takes today
Provide a higher quality and accuracy in shipped product, reducing quality assurance and warranty costs
Hard Tooling Flowchart

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